National Initiative

This is a plan empowering citizens to make a real change by showing us that our opinions, thoughts and values drive government. The National Initiative enables us, the citizens, to propose and vote on laws, recognizing that we have the power to make laws at all levels of government and to even amend the Constitution. It shows us that we have the power to change government if the National Initiative were to become law.

The National Initiative has two parts, a Constitutional Amendment and a Federal Law. The first part, the Citizens’ Amendment would amend the US Constitution and the second part, the Citizens Legislative Procedures Act, enacts a Federal Law.

The National Initiative constitutes a meta-legislative process in which the citizens of the United States will be able to initiate and to vote on laws independent of Congress and the Executive Branches of government. It will:

  • Empower voters to create their own solutions to our nation’s problems
  • Make public policy match more closely with public opinion and current affairs
  • Override the disastrous effects of corporate money on legislative procedures

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