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Part comedy and part ‘Reality’ TV, “I Like Mike” takes us into the Oval Office where ‘politics as usual’ is turned upside down and the issues that matter most to us take center stage. Mike Gravel, our new President, is cleaning up Washington and putting military, financial execs and lobbyists in their place.

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If you like what you see here, consider becoming an investor to help get the show produced. It is a great opportunity to be part of an exciting team venture while making a real difference. You can become an investor in the show for as little as $1,000 with a generous payout structure provided.

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We welcome all kinds of help. Share this page with your family, become a fan, write us up on a blog and send us your comments about future show ideas. Revisit this page regularly to read the latest updates on the show, cast members and to read important information about the issues. Above all, vote!

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Meet Mike Gravel

Mike Gravel has spent his career standing up for democracy and transparency in government. He is a former U.S. Senator from Alaska, having served two terms from 1969-1981. Before that, he served in the Alaska House of Representatives from 1963-1966, and as Speaker from 1965-1966. He ran for the Democratic Nomination for President in 2008.

In 1971, Mike Gravel engaged in a five month, one-man filibuster that forced an end to the Vietnam Draft. Mike Gravel is responsible for the official release of the Pentagon Papers, which exposed the lies of three presidential administrations that led the United States into the Vietnam War. Mike Gravel believed his constituents needed to know the truth about their government if democracy was, and is, to survive. Soon after, he published The Pentagon Papers in 1971, and was prosecuted by the Nixon Justice Department all the way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled in his favor.

Mike Gravel is the author of Jobs and More Jobs and Citizen Power, and is also the coauthor of A Political Odyssey and The Kingmakers. He is the Founder of The Democracy Foundation, which sponsors the meta-legislative proposal, the National Initiative for Democracy: Mike Gravel’s proposal for enabling citizens to make laws by initiative.

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