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Mike Gravel has just been virally elected President of the United States and he is cleaning house! He’s on a mission to clean-up Washington, to get the Military-Industrial complex, Wall Street and lobbyists out of politics and to return power to the people. He is tackling issues Washington is afraid to touch like political corruption, excessive government spending and student loan debt. And he is doing it all with his own brand of no-nonsense justice!

I Like Mike

Disenchanted with how little things have changed in Washington even with the Obama presidency, the show “I Like Mike” was conceived by a talented young writer from New Mexico, Eliot Fisher, to cast a humorous light on politics in America today. We get to see how President Mike Gravel, along with a fantastic crew, addresses our nation’s problems with wit, satire and in a way that challenges the status quo.

The show is a cross between the drama The West Wing and the mocumentary The Office. Of course, the show is meant to do more than entertain. It is also meant to educate, empower and promote democracy. President Gravel’s unconventional policy solutions will be voted on by us, the viewers, and the results will be tallied and posted on this website. It will be just as if the National Initiative had become law in real life and we could actually vote on the political issues coming out of Washington today. Now how’s that for real change and citizen participation?

The show takes up the idea that Mike Gravel, former Alaskan Senator and 2008 Democratic Presidential candidate, had virally won the last election. The show’s episodes follow what happens when he takes on the power elite! From standing up to the two-party system to tackling ridiculous drug laws and the Military-Industrial Complex, President Gravel puts our interests first and shakes up Washington politics!

We hope to attract supporters, investors and creative individuals like you. We need to spread the word about “I Like Mike” and we need your help. Post comments here, blog about us and forward this to family and friends. We seek distribution on domestic cable channels and on networks around the world. Taking this show globally means that we can challenge the hypocrisy of our political, military and business leaders by poking fun at their government policies.


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